Smoke Weed Club


We are a Private Cannabis social Club in Los Cristianos Tenerife. We are only open to existing members only - 21+

Members Only

Our club is for members only, If you are not a member you will need a referral from a member, or contact us.

Non for Profit Association

We are non for profit association fighting for our rights for the safe and responsible consumption of cannabis

Quality Produce

We do not have “Products” We have “Produce” Because everything we have available in our club is produced by our expert growers and founders of our club. Our “grow shop” in Adeje has been open for more than 5 years now. We are very experienced and do not “outsource” anything from anyone, nor do we let anyone else stock our product.

We have a full array of quality products to choose from and we are always doing our best to keep what´s available fresh, the product and the menu.

Safe & Clean Enironment

Providing our members with a safe, clean, and controlled area where your safety is at the forefront of our mission. Our experienced staff are here to advise and help you on the different effects of cannabis, whether for medical or recreational purposes.

With Covid now causing problems we are very quick to remove and sanitize everything, we have professional mechanical ventilation operating at a high suction rate as well as increased natural air intake. Our club never gets “smokey”

Friendly & Happy

Our entire ethos involves promoting happy and positive vibes. Our staff are not just here to look good, if you are ever feeling down, depressed, unhappy, or just need to talk about something personal, we employ staff with “key working” backgrounds in mental health and the homeless sector.

If there´s something different about you, or we can see there is something wrong, our staff are trained to discreetly ask you if you need any help with anything, and if you want to talk in confidence we are always available. Negative behavior is one thing, but if it affects the other members and the ambiance of the club we will take immediate action as per the rules of the club. Keep it positive.

Join Us

If you are a consumer of cannabis then click the button bellow to get in contact. We will evaluate your case and If you are eligible we will invite you to become a member of our community and social club.